a really good drink... 1 shot jager, 1 shot peach schnapps, 2 shots of cranberry juice, wala you got a damn good drink!
damn i just downed like 4 red-headed sluts like nothing...
by dansj August 19, 2005
1 part jagermeister
1 part peach snapps
cranberry juice

the colder the better
Me: mmmm that was one damn tasty red headed slut
you:Congrats, but you got herpes now
me: true, but I was referring to the drink
by wazzadoin September 23, 2006
Your typical Jersey party girl who sleeps with her boyfriend's friends and her friends' boyfriends.
The original red-headed slut of whom's life goal is to "make my friends back in PA so jealous" -S.E.M.
by TheBigRedPooch080288 August 21, 2010
A red headed girl in Knoxville, TN thats a whore.
Hey look at Dustin he's with that red headed slut.
by R.D. Perk January 18, 2008