A total disaster; a sudden event resulting in a complete change of fortunate among rivals, involving immense loss on one side and the total triumph of the other, often involving a carefully planned betrayal and brutal bloodletting. Based upon the "Red Wedding" event in "Game of Thrones".
Microsoft's 2013 reorganization was a complete red wedding, with engineers playing the Lannisters triumphant over their organizational rivals.
by rewinn July 12, 2013
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a magnificent and spectacular stage performed by The Boyz on the sh1t show called ‘kingdom’.
A: hey, why are you crying?
B: the boyz’s ‘red wedding’ performance is so beautiful it doesn’t feel real
by horserider April 23, 2021
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the act of getting stabbed in the stomach repeatedly and then getting the your throat cut.
Dont go against the Lannisters or they will give you a red wedding
by El Chalupacabre June 17, 2013
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It's a term meaning the last days of your Twitter career, when different users band together & share the bad experience they've had of you in the app. Originating from the Game of Thrones series, this meaning of term has comes from South African Twitter(X) users.
“They're hosting a red wedding for him on Twitter.”

I'm so tired of her, can we have her red wedding soon.”
by superbbroccoli September 19, 2023
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If you are unlucky enough that your wife's period lined up with your wedding night, while fucking through the bloodshed, pull your dick out and swing it so blood splatters everywhere.
Hotel Attendant: Sir, you owe us $2300 in damage charges from last night.

Husband: $2300 dollars?!?!? It was just a small Red Wedding!!
by Erk1 April 3, 2014
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When a bride is on her period during a wedding and she bleeds through the wedding dress.
"Becky forgot her tampon on her wedding, again... Does every remarrying have to be a red wedding?"
by Lexobear September 30, 2019
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The feeling that in every book/tv show you are exposed to anytime anything slightly dramatic starts to happen, every character you like in that scene will die. Most noted after a viewer watches "Game of Thrones" red wedding scene for the first time.
"I feel bad for the poor guy, he's got red wedding syndrome and freaks out even watching Disney movies, wondering who dies next."
by Sadahige May 19, 2014
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