A Red Shirt Freshman is a student on an NCAA college sports team who was kept out of competition for a year in order to prolong his or her eligibility. Usually this is done to allow the student to be a "part" of the team in terms of learning, healing from injury, and/or conditioning, but not a participant in any of the contests/games/meets/etc.

The following year, they begin their 1st of 4 years of eligibility, or their "freshman" year of eligibility, even if they are sophomores in terms of academics.
Heather Stec from Siena Women's Basketball team played as a red-shirt freshman in the 2005-2006 season to be eligible to play an extra year at Siena.
by sguardskllz August 3, 2006
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An alcoholic beverage made in a high ball glass with Cocaine Energy Drink and Vodka.
A Red Bull and Vodka will only get you half as crunk as a Red Shirt Riot.
by Red Shirt Riot May 26, 2009
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A character in fiction (usually TV or movies) that will meet their demise almost immediately at the beginning of the story. Can also be a real person that is clearly going to fail at the onset. Derived from the original Star Trek TV series in which unimportant characters (wearing red shirts) would accompany the main characters on an adventure and get killed before the first commercial break.
(pointing at TV screen) "See that ditzy chick with the radio? Red-shirt guy!"

"Manfred wants to play darts with them."
"Red-shirt guy."
by Anonymus Bosch January 6, 2006
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Shaggy but he’s not straight, more polite, has a sadder backstory (unlike regular Shaggy his dog, Scooby, died) and is more powerful then regular Shaggy
There he comes! Red shirt Shaggy!
by DalSpin November 30, 2021
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Any Friday is Red Shirt Friday. You should wear a red shirt, if you forget there is always next week.
Today is Friday so i should wear my red shirt, becasue it is Red Shirt Friday.
by Teddy Z October 2, 2006
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Bryan and Matt

"Damn dude those red shirt recievers own at life"
by RSR#9 September 15, 2008
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A girl or boy who is too young to legally consent to sex. The red shirt comes from a grocery store's idea to alienate minors. This term varies depending on the state and age of parties involved.
Dude, see that girl with Kevin over there? Totally a Red Shirt Special.
by Chocacock July 3, 2011
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