Walk on player to college team, on team, does not play in games for one year to save a year of eligibility.
Even though the red shirt running back is the better one, he doesn't play because he is a red shirt; if he plays he'll give up a year of eligibility.
by Diction Ary November 01, 2003
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The name of a group that is helding a rally in Thailand. They call themselves Red Shirts People and they wear red shirts.

Redshirts people support Thailand's ex prime minister, Thaksin Shinwatra.

This search keyword, "redshirts", is very popular now in twitter. Opposite groups some time call them "red buffaloes" as "buffaloes" in Thai means "stupid". This is an insult but ... it's a fact.
About 200 multicolored stand at Silom screaming 'go away' to #redshirts.
by yellowshirts April 20, 2010
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A Navy term used to describe a person who's job is in Aviation Ordnance on an aircraft carrier flight deck. An ordnanceman.
If you see the 'Red Shirts' running, keep up.
by dal January 27, 2006
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In college athletics, a red shirt is a player that is on the team, but hasn't played in a game yet.

One of the previous posters is incorrect about red-shirts being walk-ons. Scholarships players are red-shirted all the time.
Johnny was given a scholarship to play quarterback, but was told by the coach that he would red shirt his freshman year until he learned the system.
by zman911 January 14, 2009
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1. A superior being with supernatural and higher quality senses.
2. The highest quality employee a company could hire
3. A cult
Red shirt is defined When someone says that you’re being a great co worker or good person
by Jamba7845 October 16, 2020
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Nickname for a new Nationalist workers and soldier boys party. Not to be confused with the British redcoats, people actually want to be like the redshirts.
Gonna wear my red shirt to fit in with the redshirts. You blend in you'll do well here, you stand out they already have your train ticket for the next one going to ouchweist. Nobody that gets on that train gets a second chance to tell their family they love them, they never see them again.
by Solid Mantis September 27, 2016
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A bouncer at the Longbranch in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


What to say when an undesirable person is bothering you or a fight has broken out at the Longbranch in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
"Don't make me red shirt you!"

"Hey red shirt! There's a fight!"
by Island_Snow79 May 09, 2008
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