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To keep a girl/guy on the side to have sexual intercourse later, because she is not eligible to play for whatever reason . Usually, because she/he is underage by a few months.

Sort of like a red shirt in sports.

Also spelled RedShirting, Red Shirtin, or RedShirtin
"Tyga is red shirting Kylie until she turns 18"- an interview with Charelamge on VLAD TV about the subject
by subZOOM February 5, 2015
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Walk on player to college team, on team, does not play in games for one year to save a year of eligibility.
Even though the red shirt running back is the better one, he doesn't play because he is a red shirt; if he plays he'll give up a year of eligibility.
by Diction Ary November 2, 2003
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When you find a hottie but you know they are not of age (18 -21yrs old) so you wait but flirt with them heavy just so they know they can get it... Usually done by older guys who want to avoid the law...
Mans he looks hella good

Yeah but she got to be red shirt for now till her birthday in a month... Booty young girl tyga kylie
by namebrand05 November 24, 2015
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A bouncer at the Longbranch in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


What to say when an undesirable person is bothering you or a fight has broken out at the Longbranch in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
"Don't make me red shirt you!"

"Hey red shirt! There's a fight!"
by Island_Snow79 May 10, 2008
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Very attractive young female that has yet to reach the age of consent.
Guy 1: See the red shirt over there, she's smokin'!
Guy 2: Don't you think she's a little too young?
Guy 1: Yeah, I know, She's a red shirt, not on this seasons roster.
by Skipf32 August 31, 2007
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The term Red Shirt refers to security personnel from the USS Enterprise in the original Star Trek series, sent along on Away Teams, presumably to protect the more familiar characters. Unfortunately, they usually just ended up being killed, often times off-camera, by whatever was menacing the ship and crew in that particular episode. Thus, to suffer a Red Shirt Death is to be killed quickly, pointlessly and ignonimously.
When Tasha Yar got killed by that stupid tar monster, that was a total Red Shirt Death.
by Ozzwepay May 14, 2009
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A World of Warcraft Player, dubbed red shirt guy by his various fans, that corrected the Blizzard developers on Lore. He asked why Falstad Wildhammer wasn't in cata. The developers answered that he had died a long time ago in Day of the Dragon. When in fact, he's very much alive! GO RED SHIRT GUY!
Yo did you see the red shirt guy at Blizzcon 2010?" "Heck yea, that Red Shirt Guy OWNED! It was about time someone brought the devs back down to Earth.
by FalstadWildH October 30, 2010
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