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during the act of heterosexual love-making, the man often tends to want to pull a fast one on his female partner. these "pranks" are often filthy and possibly harmful... but even so, its funny as fuck. but one way he might do so is give his bad bitch the "red hot chicago," which means to soak your condom in frank's red hot before the act of sex. when she notices during and starts to writhe in pain, you then proceed to slap her titties to take her mind off the agonizing burn of your spicy weiner. this, my fellow friends and scholars, is the definition of "red hot chicago."
Man: (thinking to himself) this hoe ate all my fucking bbq porkrinds... what a jerk. she is boutta earn herself a red hot chicago..."


Man: "what, you think im some fast-ass nigga? go'n, girl... bend that ass over so i can hook it up wit' a red hot chicago."
by MastaTheif March 15, 2011
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