noun: the new disease. Much like chronic bronchitis that can take months, even years to go away.

The new excuse to not do anything. This is the act of excluding yourself from social activities because you simply just can't afford it.

see also: recessionista
Amber: Hey are you coming out to the bar tonight?

Amy: Ahh man I wish I could... but I have a really bad case of recessionitis.
by ae123456 March 4, 2009
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Recessionism is a political ideology that believes an economic recession would benefit the rich and powerful while harming the poor and average working class. This is because the wealthy and billionaires would be able to buy things cheaper while the working class would have to suffer more due to the loss of jobs. The recessionist believes that this will push the government to make the rich pay more taxes, thus making the economy better off and this is a form of economic socialism, which is a major part of the capitalist system. The recessionist believes that the economy will get better if the rich suffer more from losing their money and their jobs and that the economy will get worse if the rich get richer and lose fewer jobs.

This is because the average person is a capitalist and the recessionist believes that a capitalist is someone who is against the interests of the poor and the working class, thus making the rich and powerful even go bankrupt.

In 2011, Congress passed a bill that gave more money to the government and banks.

This bill was the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and this act was passed because the government and the banks were in trouble, due to the financial crisis and the recession. This act had some good effects, but it was also used as a way to redistribute wealth.
Recessionism is a classic bait-and-switch ideology.
by The Ferocious Whomper December 8, 2022
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to slowly recover from the downfall of the economy, due to lack of leadership in the US.
He was able to recessionalize after he started his new job.
by LnDM May 5, 2011
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