A person who does something that's not bad but they think it is
*moves chair a bit*

Oohhhh what a rebel
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by Po September 26, 2015
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when someone who likes yellow and needs to go to school tries to turn on a tv but can't.
wow that guy keeps on rebelling
by da bom April 10, 2004
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sofi had sex wiv rebel 1.....
by fanta light September 19, 2003
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Rebels (Noun) refers to K. Michelle's fandom/fandbase. They are tge most loyal fandom existing. Members are usually younger/teenage to older girls and younger to older men who lover her and her music to infinity and beyond, to the moon and back. In the minds of the Rebels, K. Michelle is the best, most talented female R&B singer of all time. They have no belief that she has any competition because she sings REAL music.

Rebels will NOT hesitate to drag haters, other fandoms, or anyone and are hella petty And they will read anyone for filth.
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by KmichelleTea2 March 15, 2017
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A girl named Rebel is usually super sexy and has red hair. She don't care what anyone else thinks and will tell ya how it is, how it was, how it will be and that if you don't like it, you can eat dirt. You can usually find a girl named Rebel working as a cook in a busy restaurant. She will usually drive a Grand Prix and listen to loud music. Her fav music may consist of artists ranging anywhere from Korn to Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys. To get her attention, you should not be a liar, you should be responsible and independent and be able to hold your own.
The chicks name is Rebel. That sure fits her personality.

That girl, Rebel, is hot, but she said I need to get a job.
by RebelRed13 January 19, 2019
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A Rebels is what we describe today as a little gay boy who thinks he is the biggest shit on YouTube, he is on the same level as an Ethan but worse, his kind of gayness is super dangerous to humans...

Please don't associate yourself with this kind of person because you will become gay too...
Rebels kisses his boyfriend
by WinkyDinkyDoo August 28, 2019
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