a person who has the balls to stand out in a crowd when others may not agree with what u say or do. u have ur own opinions and arent influenced. someone who does crack and cusses out therejefferson davis stood out when abraham lincon was screwing up the south by over taxing and didnt allow the south to have any representation. he stood out for his believes in the constitution and didnt care what the consiquences were.
EX. just so u know the civil war wasnt about slavery it was about the south fighting for what is right. and yes i still raise hell about the civil war belive it or not what happened there still effects the way the south turned out aka the wealth alot of southern hospitality, southern gentlemen. if anyone disagrees with me please bring it 2 my attention because i will set u strait. i know more about the civil war than u can ever dream of parents isnt a rebel its called a goth.
by jefe the boss October 14, 2005
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Someone who has the need to go against what anyone says
Man that Amba D is such a rebel she just stayed up past her bed time to watch Spongebob!

Wooow I wish I was as much of a rebel as Pantha is I'd be soooo popular just like her! :)
by BostonzKid April 30, 2011
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1. A person who sticks with what they believe and don't let anyone make them think differently then what they believe.

2. A person who is cool in school

3. A person who believes in rock
I tried to make him think the way I think, but he was a rebel.
by hottiebabe836 September 03, 2007
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Wow, i wish i was like natalie and kimberly...
I mean, like they way they are rebels, so much so that they are egg-perts.
by natalie sthoup August 03, 2010
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Star Wars Rebel Pilot - can possibly use the Force to navigate around Star Systems. Also is a very very cool guy who can fly!
by Ziusudra June 13, 2003
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The lone piece of feces that rises up to the surface of a toilet bowl after one flushes a massive dump.
Reg: Hey whats up Phil!
Phil: Not much. Just took a major crap after lunch; it went above sea level. Amazingly, I flushed it all, but a rebel resisted the flush and resurfaced.
Reg: That cray... happened to me on Taco Night. Damn rebels...
Phil: Yeah, damn rebels...
by Quicka69 December 17, 2013
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