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a kick ass soldier from the fictional game half-life 2 the were there same civilian cloths........ but with body armor............and raggedy pants...........and a kick ass woolly (AKA) woll cap..........and also metal protective plates in arms, legs ext..........and also cool cool boots. they are both men and woman..... and vortigaunts..... OK so they are one big step from there normal civvies. the fight the combine . the resist and those who resist and get captured turn into stalkers.
rebel: so, have you ever used a AR2 before.? noob rebel:AR2????'nooooo but now a AR3 sure plenty of times. Rebel:there's no such thing as a AR3 noob rebel:you see in the city the place was lousy with AR3 Rebel:no there wasn't Noob rebel:yes there was rebel:no there wasn.......... so do you know what the alternative fire method does on the AR2 , it kills hunters, how did you city folk kill hunters Noob rebel:we sure as hell didn't use guns we use to wrestle hunters down with our bare hands i killed 10,20 a day just using my fist. rebel: so out on the field your just going to be punching hunters noob rebel: FIELD??? I'm not going out on the field, I'm a radio operator rebel" that's it leave you don't need to be hear and I'm not going to proceed until you leave noob rebel"I'm staying right hear! rebel; I'm serious. -rebel resistance
by alexman1172 August 28, 2008
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