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Anything used by reality tv shows to catch the easily entertained viewer's eye. Always occurs in previews of the season for a new lame reality show that people will become sucked into or during a preview for the next episode that a viewer has been hooked like a fish. The viewer can't help themselves when they are relatively easy prey for low budget reality shows. Its quite simple, a reality show merely shows in some type of preview two people fighting each other, people going down on one another secretively, people getting their swears bleeped out to one another as they ramble on hysterically making little to no sense while still throwing up their arms and yelling nonsense. But this method of catching viewer's attention always has the one moment that will happen every single time during a season of a reality tv show. They show someone getting taken off in an ambulance . For some reason this hooks the viewer more than anything else. Once extreme damage is perceived to happen than viewers have no choice but to waste meaningless time in their lives to watch "reality."
"Hey did u see the preview for the new real world season."

"Yeah it looks lame."

"But dude, someone gets taken off in a ambulence!"

"Whoah! Now i have to watch it!"

"I just can't wait to eat up that reality food."
by Neptune's Bounty April 05, 2009
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