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Someone who believes ancient scriptures from primitive peoples -- not so primitive however that they had developed basic human evolutionary tendencies such as a desiring and eventually developing systems -- i.e. written language, starting with paintings on cave walls -- over what we have now learned is possible due to scientific thought, a latter progression of evolution; in short, a religitard, a devoutly faithful FOLLOWER; granted, fear of anyone referred to as a 'god' can be a frightening experience
Can you believe NASA sent Curiosity, the newest, most advanced, up-to-date mechanical lab all the way to Mars, and it successfully overcame every obstacle in its path! Think of all things we could discover that we weren't already aware of yet!

"Jebus christ was gods only son -- himself -- tri-angulated against another part of himself -- a 'holy spirit' if you will -- to punish himself for punishing himself and when we die he will punish us by granting us eternal life forever -- in the firey pits of hell if we think for ourselves."

"oh look, a reality denialist."
by phillydrifter August 10, 2012
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