Realistic Roleplay is a game on ROBLOX as well as on Discord. However, there's more to it just being a game. It's a Roleplaying environment. People start a Realistic Roleplay. No superpowers, no god-modding, and so on. People commonly chill in RRP (Realistic Roleplay) because fail roleplayers, god modders and meta-gamers get banned 10 times faster than in a super power roleplay. This is often because the Administrators of the server(s) ban fail roleplayers.
Yo, wanna play Realistic Roleplay? Those godmodders annoy the crap out of me.
The admins over at Realistic Roleplay work hard to ban all of those fail roleplayers.
Ain't ya getting tired of those meta-gamers? Let's head over to some real roleplaying game.
by darkline1 September 03, 2017
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