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A term used by many people who get opinion confused with fact. Mostly used when a person has an extreme dislike for a certain type of music or song. Thus, causing extreme ignorance making them believe that their opinions dominate everyone elses, by using the term "real music".
Guy: That crap you listen to aint real music!

Me: Go learn what "opinion" means dumbass and then we can talk about music.
by danhty15 September 15, 2011
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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Real Music is music in general. It has no specific genre.

All music is real music and no one can say other wise unless they want to look like a dumbass.
Dalithews harassed the young girl for not listening to real music as she played Caravan Palace on her iPod. She smiled and said "Just because it's not an 80's rock ballad, doesn't mean it's not music. Get a life dumbass"
by NegaKupid September 14, 2012
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Is any music in general. Songs, rhythm, whistling, etc.

Anything can be music, only narrow-minded pricks claim one genre is "Real Music".
Random Youtube Prick:

Man this song is real music.

Another Youtuber: Really? Then the people from Ancient Greece didn't know s*** if this is what represents "art".
by Murielle May 05, 2009
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People will say that some music isn't "real music" simply because it does not suit their tastes. When in reality, if it's music it's music. Many people say that electronic dance music, rap, and hip hop aren't real forms of music.
Dude, that techno isn't real music, neither is rap.

by Master_stghm May 20, 2006
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Any music is real music, ANY! That includes jessica simpson or Slipknot, even though you dont like a band doesnt mean it isn't real music. The term is usualy used by people who are angry at other people for their opinions regarding music.
Jon- I like My Chemical Romance

Tommy- what are you gay? go listen to some real music like Tool.

Jon- Your an asshole, it's all real music. You just cant tell the difference between fact and opinion.

Tommy- I see so clearly now! my opinions arent fact, there just what i think! I will no longer be pissed when someone else shows that they are different from me!
by w00zy JoE December 31, 2006
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*A term that teenagers throw out far too often, the first signs of music snobbery as it immediately entails Hip-hop/dance genres being classed as ''crap music''

**Music that has been played in reality & thus is real music rather than notes on sheets.
Teenager: God this generation sucks for music, i wish i was born in the 70s when they had brilliant rock music everywhere, it was all real music

Me: You are aware every generation has whats known as the ''20 year rule'' where the teenagers wish they were born 20 years ago? & that you'd hate the chart music back then as it consisted of Donny Osmond and other corporate made one hit wonders with the odd exception of good bands, just like today

Teenager: Nuh uh it was all stairway to heaven, & pink floyd & The Doors & ehh bach, really cool bands back in the 70s
by dum1anddum2 March 19, 2011
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