an answer to a question that u dont know the fucking answer
question: where is ur mom?
Answer: rere
by david July 30, 2003
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if ur in a place where sum pple get offended if u say retard jus say re-re
boy:runz in da middle of tha street
Girl:wut the hell are u doin u such a re-re
by :....ChOcL4t3...: January 07, 2008
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Short for regrets and remorses, often associated with a night of drinking,and the horrible Felling of what I did
I went to a party last night, woke up unaware of where I'm at, damn I've got the re-re's
by Geberated December 17, 2016
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Humans who ARE lizards
Urban Dictionary asked me to give an example of a sentence with the word Re-Re
by Lameo mcgameo July 02, 2017
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A person with mental issues and cannot complete simple tasks
Jack parachuted into helicopter blades he is such a re re.
by Alpha026 March 30, 2015
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Rere is a beautiful girl. She has a nice shape. She loves very hard and get feelings for someone. It’s hard for her to express her feelings to someone. She has a little talent but most people don’t know about it. Also she has a pretty smile.Her significant other is lucky to have her.
Is that rere,she’s beautiful
by LIGHTSKINREEREE June 24, 2018
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