A pet name of Marie, usally to annoy her. Can also mean a stupid person
Tom: "Hi, Rere!"
Marie : " I am stupid, you jerk."
by Tzar1395 April 26, 2011
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Someone who is stupid beyond belief.
Andy is such a re-re, he backed his car into a tree!
by Kari December 23, 2003
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Short for regrets and remorses, the sick feeling you have the day after being an ass hole while intoxicated the night before
Dude, "I got wasted last night and acted like a jerk off to my lady"..."I've got a serious case of the Re Re's "
by Geberated February 19, 2017
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a gang in rochester nh thats made up to make fun of all the fake fagget ass bitches in what they call gangs
the re re gang members aare Marcus Roncole, brandon dexter, dylan williams, devin webber, timmy welch FUCK FAKE ASS GANGS IN ROCHESTER
by OR(original REtard) MR November 05, 2009
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