Smart people who act dumb, retarded, mental, or just plain idiotic.
example 1:People who have too much free time and spend it typing in dictionary definitions
example 2: I am a re-re for putting in this definition.
example 3: Webster is a re-re, and anyone who has actually read an entire dictionary. Are you really going to use all of those words in your lifetime? I don't think so!!!!
example 4: You for reading this, meaning you dont have a life!
by Ryan June 11, 2004
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a REtard REject. So stupid even the retards would reject you!
Oh Karissa you look like such a re re when you talk like that.
by Chanica July 29, 2006
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Retarded retard, the act of being a; retarded A unbelieveable response or comment that back's itself with even more stupidity
Kevin thinks that smoking crack is better for you than smoking meth. What a fucking re-re.
by The Tophu August 18, 2006
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Short for regrets and remorses, the sick feeling you have the day after being an ass hole while intoxicated the night before
Dude, "I got wasted last night and acted like a jerk off to my lady"..."I've got a serious case of the Re Re's "
by Geberated February 19, 2017
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a short nickname for a cockroach. Basically, a way of talking about your little infestation without the whole world knowing you have the little creepers crawling all over you at night.
"i had a re-re in my cereal this morning"
by HHNB_re-re February 02, 2010
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