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A ratchet diva defines the trend of bisexual men who park idiling cars in front of convenience stores with the music blasting in order to attract male suitors. The diva will leave the car and watch from inside the store or area bushes to see if he approves of the mate who enters the car. They are referred to as ratchet due to their lack of money which is reflected in the cheap cars they drive and their propensity to act ghetto despite living in wealthy states

The trend of leaving an empty idiling car running with the music is particularly stupid since it often leads to dead batteries, running out of gas or getting your car stolen.
That ratchet diva kept us up all night blasting reggaeton.

If my car was as shitty as that ratchet diva's, I wouldn't draw attention to it.

That sad ratchet diva is a moron. Guy left his car running with the keys in it. His ride got stolen

Watch your man, I hear he's a ratchet diva.
by Dictionary David August 05, 2017
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