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A dude who drones on and on about nothing but rap music and rap records, not only to the exclusion of all other music but also to the exclusion of all other topics, and in a way that seems to place him on the low end of the autism spectrum.
dude: So I picked up that blahblahblah remix on yaddayaddayadda records the other day.
Me: Oh yeah? (aside): wish i didn't have to be so polite...but I know he's got rapsberger's syndrome

dude: I just saw that my "MC MyDJIsAWhiteGuy feat. AnotherWhiteDJ" white label is listing for 18 bucks online. Not that I'd ever sell it.
Me: Wow. Sell you this one for $5.
dude: Thanks I've been looking for a quintuplicate. And just let me know if you have any questions about my unmixed mix CD I foisted upon you last week.
by Jarod Hamilton November 22, 2010
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