the word rap i believe is slang for rhyme because thats whats taking place your rhyming consistantly there are other slang words such as rap example, flowing, spittin,mcing ..etc
the fact is its all slang for rhyme it is not a sub-genre of hip-hop

hip-hop is a expression of ones self through ,breakdancing,graffiti,djing and mcing

rap is slang for a form of poetry rhyme rappers use other forms in there rap such as simile metaphors and so forth

there are different style of rap depending on what the artist is expressing if he is gangster then its gritty and hard so the hip hop beat will be gritty and hard if the artist wants to be upliftng then the beat is uplifting if he wants to be misogynistic the beat will be misogynistic
again this is just what i think rap means

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by hip-hop alien head May 06, 2006
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A moronic pile of dog vomit trying to be passed as a type of music even though it has no instruments, singing, or talent. It usually consists of a black male talking or mumbling into a microphone using every curse word imaginable while a pre-recorded track plays in the background. Rap fans claim that it’s a form of poetry but they are dead wrong. Poetry is poetry, rap is garbage. Most fans also claim that rap has good meaning but they again are wrong, and frankly I don’t give a shit about how rap used to be because we are in the 2008 now kiddies. Rap doesn’t have a good meaning; it instead has turned our youth into a bunch of idiotic jerks who like to think that baggy pants, cursing, and violence is cool.

“Niggas screw they face up at me
On some real shit son they don't want beef
I cock that, aim that shit out the window
spray till there ain't a shell left in my heat
Ya niggas better lay down, yea i mean stay down
Get hit wit 8 round - ya ass ain't gonna make it
You niggas'll get laid out, yuh blood and ya brains out
Have ya on the concrete shiverin' and shakin' ...
I'm from Southside motherf**ker

This, along with any random excerpt from any rap song every created, shows how idiotic rap is. It reeks with violence, profanity, and barely understandable language. All the while the artists are making millions of dollars while contributing nothing worthwhile to today’s society. It is a downright outrage that this genre is even popular because it is not one bit appealing to the eardrum.
by Eddie Krz February 04, 2008
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The american ghettos expression of music and struggle that has now influenced every culture in the world and is still growing,but has been tainted by rappers that promotes materialism and bitches that feeds our mindless listeners
by mustafaa July 24, 2006
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Rap is a form of art. It is a genre of music which includes strong beats, singing, and often looping sounds.

Rap is often a thing people use to help concentrate*. Many athletes listen to rap before a sporting event to be able to concentrate.

Something needs to be realized about rap, and that is that it doesn't suck. People scattered across the internet are assuming the following:

"I haven't listened to rap..."

"I am assuming rap isn't good..."

"I am assuming that all it includes is talking really fast into a microphone..."

"Rap sucks."

Yet, these same, ignorant, people are the people who get upset when other people complain about rock and/or metal. They are saying that "Rap is a stoopidz from od "mosic," and generalizing that. Then, people say, "In my opinion...well, I don't know...rock is a good genre of music, but I kind of prefer rap..."

What happens now?


Hyposricy ensues. Arguments such as "that is generalizing**" occur all the time. Other arguments such as "Like 0mgz r4p promotes sex, violence, gang warfare, drugs..." Yet, this always makes me laugh. Has anyone realized that rock promotes committing suicide? As stated before, hypocrisy is exemplified.

More hypocrisy is found when you realize most people posting here WANT sex...

A majority of people posting as a "definition" of rap are the one's who are ignorant about it.

"Rap takes no talent."

Rap includes Freestyle Rap, which is definitetly NOT an easy thing to do. Freestyle includes quick thinking, custom music, and the ability to talk in a quick paced, stable tone. It is not just talking fast. Going too fast or too slow will ruin a rap. Choosing background music for a rap is not easy either. It has to FIT in.

"Rappers are g4gsters wh0 n33d to b3 sh0t."

Rappers are not gangsters***. The gangster or gangsta background is an image. The image SELLS. The intent of anybody's career is to make money to live. By this statement, rappers succeed in life.

"Rap doesn't take singing...just talking really fast. Rapping takes no musical talent."

Consider looking up the word "tempo." Rapping is not talking fast, it requires metronome, beat, poetry, tempo, and rhythm. All of these are aspects of music, henceforth, rap is music. Creating music takes talent, henceforth, rap takes talent.

I hope that helps clear people's minds up. It sickens me how unintelligent, one sentence long "definitions" are the ones with the most thumbs up. It is also pitiful how if you choose to knock this down with a "thumbs down," you will be biased. Nothing I stated here was an opinion; these are all facts.
*Several athletes have said that they always listen to rap before a sporting event.

**Generalizing can not be done to the genre of rap. In fact, rap is not a genre. It is a culture. There are many, many, many sub-genres of rap. Chances are at least one song on your iPod is a rap. Just because iTunes doesn't classify it as a rap, does it not make it a rap?

***Something needs to be understood about gangsters. Rappers are not gangsters, and chances are (if you live in urban areas), you have never seen a gangster. Gangsters are people who choose to be gangsters as a way for survival. The gangster life is the life of shooting, stealing drugs, robbing, petty theft, felonies... Rappers are not gangsters, and listening to rap or becoming a rapper does not make you a gangster.
by Fra22 December 06, 2005
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AKA Hip-Hop.

A type of music the is very popular in urban cities. There are many Rap genres such as Old School, Positive, Gangsta, Hardcore, Crunk, Southern, and Snap. Real rap is nothing like todays types(aiming at Gangsta) which talks about shooting peoples whips up, bragging about $200,000 cars & mansions ect. ect. Real rap artists would be LL Cool J, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Kanye West and a whole lot others.
You: Rap is for blacks, it's gay and talks about banging hoes all the time.

Me: Rap is not only for blacks and not all rap talks about banging hoes you stupid mother fucker.
by kidd menace April 23, 2006
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R.A.P. means Rythm And Poetry.
One of the 4 main elements of Hip Hop.
To rap is to tell a story or rhyme words together creating a verbally catchy tune.
Example of R.A.P. or Rap

"Makin rap conjugating words eliminating competition
It’s all part of my tradition like a magician with an ambition"

"U know who this is, it’s DynaMix I spit rounds like automatics
I start static, I’m illmatic and will be stillmatic, a rap fanatic
I attack it then kick back and stack it"

-DynaMix of I.D.

by Danny "DynaMix" Vasiluk May 17, 2007
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The worst "music" there has ever been. R.A.P = Retards attempting poetry. Anyone who likes this music is either some black person completing the stereotype or is a white guy that wants to be black.
Can't spell crap without rap.
by No8675309 March 02, 2008
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