see also Hip-Hop

A genre of music spawned in the early 70's in various ghettos throughout the U.S. The name allegedly derived from people saying "That's a rap!" after performing with a DJ. A rap can usually consist of ryhmes and a beat, although sometimes done acapella. Often accused of being about nothing but sex and drugs (not dissimilar to metal), usually depicts daily life in the black ghettos or other assorted issues faced by the poorest of us.
Some Rap artists include: Eminem, 50 Cent, Run DMC, Mac Dre, Brotha Lynch Hung, Grandmaster Flash, etc...
by Phosphorus* September 15, 2005
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A horrible genre of music that makes black people specifically black men look bad. The reason it is horrible is not because of the music itself but the culture that is associated with it. It is everything that is wrong with the african american community. It is one of the reasons that blacks are not doing as well as whites (not because the white man "brings us down") We bring ourselves down. It also spreads the stereotype that ALL black people listen to it, overshadowing the blacks who have varying taste in music. It is also one of the reasons that blacks (particulary males) who are educated, speak well, don't walk down the street screaming out rap songs, dress nice and are respectful of women are looked down upon by their own race and called "oreos" becasue they don't like rap. Rap may be a unique form of music that is associated with african american culture but the culture it creates is one of the worst things to happen to the black community. Oh yes, I am a BLACK guy who speaks well, dresses nice, is respectful and DOES NOT LIKE RAP.
I listen to classical music, draw in my spare time, like going to museums, appreciate fine design, reading and respecting women for who they are, not what can be done physically to them and want to be wealthy and successful in a way that does not involve drugs, basketball and rap. Because this is OPPOSITE of what rap says a black man should be, I am disrespected by my own race and called names like oreo and gay because of this, and black women don't want to be with me. And people wonder why I am sometimes pissed that I have brown skin. The reason surely isn't "The white man!"White people are nicer to me than my own race!!
by Matt2 March 24, 2007
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a style of music that originated in the 1960's as an underground music. Most people will tell you "RAP" started in New York others will tell you California...but it really doesn't matter....Rap roots were a jamacian style of music that involved TURNTABLES and shouting things like throw ya hands in the air/wave em like you just dont care....Then came people like the SUGAR HILL GANG who produced the first rap recording and made rap into a mainstreem type of music...RUN DMC came to the scene with the gold chains and sports wear and started a new style of rap....the beastie boys..a group of white rappers were the first to make a rap album to go #1 on bill board charts..around the 1980's a california based rap group was emerging known as NWA,and in 1987 the NWA dropped their first album STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON this album started a new style called GANGSTA RAP..

this was just a short history of rap music....most people hate rap cuase they listen to the mainstreem bullshit that they hear on the radio or see on TV..list of some of the wackest mainstreemers..MIKE JONES..PAUL WALL..LIL JON..YINYANG..JEEZY..DA FRANCHIZE BOYS..DFL..FAT JOE (ANY BODY FROM ATLANTA) T.I...50 CENTS...G-UNIT...

A COUPLE OF MAINSTEEMERS WHO ARE ACTUALLY GOOD...JAY-Z(I used to hate him until I actually listened to his music) T-PAC(Some people compare him to Hitler becuse of his power to infuence and pusuade many young blacks mostly males....but tupac is the greatest rapper no matter what anyone says..)Nas.....Biggie smalls(best rapper from new york)...ICE CUBE...SNOOP DOGG..KRSone( the coldest rapper in a rap battle) they are more but i dont have time....

to all who say rap sucks should just sit down and shut up!!!ill admit that the bullcrap that gets played on tv and radio sucks but there are good rappers out there...and like all american music rap was started by african americans and is being corrupted by whites..
Rap used to be good...

Club poppin songs from atlanta based artists like yinyang and franchise boys give rap a bad name
by hayyre222333 October 06, 2006
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I dont realy know much shit bout rap but i know that loads of people have different interpretations of the meaning. I heard by one of my friends whos been a MC for around 8 yrs that it means (Rhythmic Artisic poetry. Common is what you call a rapper, Kanye is what you call a rapper, because they talk like poets in their lyrics. Others like 50 cent......What a fucking dickhead....I think he's sooo hypocritical...I think i have only heard 1 or 2 songs in all his albums that say something positive like ''too much violence or get rid of guns.'' He always cares about how gangsta he is or how much of a badboy he is, and how much cash he can fit in his trousers. Rappers like common and Kanye West are who i look up to. On Kanye's album, he has one song where he is talkin bout how much he cares for his mum, and what she has done for him when he was a child, and so on and so forth.....Do you ever see 50 cent doing that..NOO
The music industry is one of the biggest industries in the world....So we gota do sumin special with it...Not just talk bout how much of a badman someone is?...Thats probaly how Ja rule and 50 got into Beef with each other, By being violent, or cussing each other.
I live in England and most people over here are MC's. They always chat about how much cars they have and how much of a badman they are. Its soo silly...YOu cant make it in the music business by saying how much of a gangsta you are....it's been brought up from Gangsta rap....I fucking hate it.
Its true that violence sells.It realy does...Anti-violence music does sell...a little bit...But its nothing compared to violent music....Im trying to figure out how the fuck we're gona get the violent music out of the business. If anyone else has anything to comment on my entry, please do. Feel free.....
I dont have no rap examples
by Disciple89 November 07, 2005
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R - etards
A - ttempting
P - oetry

"yo, you listen to rap?"

Sorry, I listen to actual music... not some retard attemting poetry.
by Deathpunkin September 20, 2010
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Lyrical glorification of prison culture that confuses white people to think they're black.
Billy likes rap, Billy thinks he's hard. Billy goes to prison and gets raped. Billy wishes he never listened to rap.
by Massachite July 16, 2010
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When nobody understands what you're saying, so you say it again and again, in 4/4 time.
1. What he say?
2. Dunno. Wuz rap to me.
by archimedest August 10, 2006
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