A war that consists of a series of attacks between 2 or more groups. In a rank war any weapon is acceptable, though the most popular weapon of choice are Rank Bombs, filled with fermented unrecognizable items/liquids. Only a few rank wars has happened, for a good reason.
Todd: oh god, did he just start a rank war
Zoe: he freaking did, what do we do?
by An_endangered_species March 18, 2021
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When someone, who isn't homeless by any means, begs other to purchase a rank for them.
"You hear about SkyFlower rank whoring?"

"Again? What a rank whore"
by EzPzy February 02, 2020
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A boar hog weighing 200lbs or more with two inch plus dog killers
Ol rank snagged my dog last night.
by Ol rank February 12, 2018
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When you show off a date with a higher rank than your last date. In most cases to create jealousy.
Guy1: Hey Tom! Isn't that your date from yesterday?
Tom (A diver): Hell yeah!
Guy1: Ahh.. Looks like she's pulling ranks on you, that guys a divers instructor.
by stinaina November 03, 2008
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To yell or go off at.
I didn't do my homework, now the teacher is going to cut rank at me!
by __Lexii July 15, 2008
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when you're closer to a person than someone else.
Person 1: someone keeps spreading rumors about me to my boyfriend.
Person 2: Your boyfriend probably won't believe her anyway.
Person 1: but it's my boyfriend's best friend that keeps spreading rumors,
Person 2: So, you top that rank, your his girlfriend, that person is just his best friend
by Anonymous102894814 June 29, 2013
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orange letters that give you lots of views on youtube
Did you put youtube rank into your title?
by minemanez November 24, 2017
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