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Defined as a person in high school who will take every AP class available for the sole purpose of leveling up their class rank or GPA, and not for the education. Makes up roughly 15% of our class of 2007.

Classes may include, but are not limited to:

AP Chemistry, AP Statistics, AP Biology, Honors Anatomy, AP Enviromental Science, AP Psychology, AP Sociology, AP Human Geography, AP European History, etc.

Everyone in the top 25% of our class has taken, or are taking, more than half of these classes..AT THE SAME TIME!
"Yo dude what classes are you taking?"

"Oh...AP Comp Sci, AP Enviro Sci, AP Bio, AP Stat, and some other crap"


"Dude I need to bring up my rank. I'M ONLY 23 (out of 180)! I NEED TO RANK IT UP"

"...what a rank whore"
by CALIPHER October 05, 2006
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A Double edged definition.

1) Someone who flaunts their rank in Call of Duty 4 and explains why it makes them better than you

2) British slang for a woman who is not only unsavioury but impartial to who she has intercourse with
A : I'm level 55 so i'm obviously better than you
B : You're such a fuckin rank whore.

A : Hey big boy, wanna go somewhere quiet?
B : No thanks, you're a rank whore
by The Moose... February 08, 2009
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A person who knows every higher ranking individual, and their rank on a base.

Not to be confused with Rancor from Star Wars.
"Hey did you know that Gen. Bob is the commander of the Air Mobility Command?"
"Man you're such a rankwhore."

"Hey whos the commander of the Med Group? I don't know man, lets ask the rankwhore"
by ThatAirman November 10, 2013
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