Air America radio legend and a folk hero of South Florida.
Did you hear Randi Rhodes today, when she ripped Bush to hell, she rocks!
by Lu Cifer October 22, 2004
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A completely useless twit of a radio personality. Her time on AirAmerica is spent repeating three or four liberal catchphrases over and over again, then trying to get her guests to repeat them with her.

Don't waste your time. Listen to Al Franken or something.
Fox Executive #1: I have an idea! How about we put Anne Coulter and Randi Rhodes together in a small, dark shed with nails and shards of broken glass embedded in the walls! Then we'll load the shed into a dump truck and toss it into a large crevasse! We'll call it, "Two Down, Tons More to Go!" How about it?
Fox Executive #2: No. Hey, let's do a show about weddings. And The Simpsons are still funny.
Fox Executive #3: I hate you.
by Harry S. Truman February 7, 2005
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greatest guitar player ever. first to mix classical with metal. often overshadowed by EVH, he never became as famous as he should have, and died in a plane crash
by sasuke November 1, 2003
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A witty and outspoken liberal shock talk host, who backs up her outrageous statements with facts and easily verified documentation.
RR: " The Bush administrations fabricated false evidence and drawings instead of photos to lead America into a unjust war."

Links to the Downing Street memo,and independant sources.
Verification by the LA Times, CNN, Newsday, BBC, Reuters, etc.. supporting evidence that Bush administration fabricated evidence as to Iraq's military capabilities, intentions, and access to nuclear or biological agents.
by David Jones June 9, 2005
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Randy Rhodes is a radio talk show host on Air America. She has very liberal points of view. She is kinda cute. The problem is no one can listen to her anger for any more than about 5 minutes. She has huge anger management issues.
Last I heard Randy Rhodes was still on Air America.
Air America appears to be in big trouble.
by takethathill August 20, 2006
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