Worse than 'rat shit'. Rag shit is when something is so bad it's genuinely offensive. As if someone has taken a shit on a rag and wiped it across your face.
Donald Trump's hair looks like fucking rag shit!
by continual-insanity October 14, 2019
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To express pleasure or displeasure in any form.

Originated from Gympie Queensland, Australia.
Du-rag shit used in the form of displeasure

Person 1: *Spills can of coke*

Person 2: "Hey man, cut that Du-rag shit out"


Du-rag shit used in the form of pleasure

Person 1: "Hey man, check this out, I just won 10 grand at the pokies"

Person 2: "Fuck yeah man, that's some Du-rag shit right there"
by MuntedBanana April 30, 2018
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toilet roll or tissue paper, or a cus
yo john i'm goin down t'shop to get some shit rag so i can wipe me arse after I crap like
by AJUDD001 July 12, 2008
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That biznitch missed the shitter hole and left his shit-rag on the floor!
by XtRaVa November 24, 2003
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the totally worthless reading material men keep by the crapper.
"Hey, don't be cleaning out the magazine rack in the bathroom...those are my shit rags".
by Pooh02 January 28, 2009
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The act of doing a shit. Then jerking off, once finished doing both use toilet paper to clean up the jizz off your cock and hand,using the same piece of paper to then wipe your ass.
Jono " I was having trouble snapping one off, so I had a wank first. Then when I shit I realized that there was only one square of shit paper, so I had to go glossy shit ragging "
Ted "noice! "
by Burbage-Bumbag December 14, 2017
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when you get so drunk that you wipe your ass on the shower curtain or towel instead of on toilet paper.
John: who wiped there ass on the shower curtain?
Andrew: it was probably Zach he was shit rag drunk last night.
by Attcus July 6, 2012
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