to offend another race
real examples of racist:
dude: (insert race here) is better than (insert race here)
idoit's example of racist:
dude: a (insert race here) guy walks into a bar
idoit: THAT'S RACIST!!!!!!!
by cohenPirate July 01, 2018
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Guy 1: get outta here niggas
Guy 1: get outta here spanish bitch
Guy 1: were going to build a wall

Guy 2: stop being racistwhite bitch
by cmzxo May 23, 2018
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Right-wingers say the Left is always outraged, but wait until you (accurately) label one of them "racist." They hate it. It basically comes with the territory of being a conservative, so they shouldn't be surprised.

Though its perceived as being extremely overused, the label is used just as much as it should be. Racism is ingrained in human nature - the Left simply chooses not to succumb to it.
"Their policies are blatantly racist."
by Γ‘utechre September 26, 2018
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