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A tactical accusation designed to attack another person by claiming their actions are racist or racially motivated. The attack can be offensive, defensive or purely diversional.
Offensive: Deshon wants a promotion and raise this year and he's ready to whack his white manager with a racism stick if he doesn't get it.

Defensive: Rushanda got busted stealing a computer from her work after several had already dissapeared. She would have lost her job if she hadn't beaten her boss with a racism stick by claiming that she was just "borrowing" it and the only reason he thought she was stealing it was because she's black - that a white person could have "borrowed" it without getting any flak.

Diversional: Kanye was asked by a reporter why he thought Bush didn't care about black people when the New Orleans evacuation plan clearly specified the city and its black mayor were responsible for the evacuation and first response. Fortunately, the reporter was white and Kanye had his racism stick ready. Whack! "You think if this was Provo, Utah that old GW wouldn't be down here personally in a heart-beat with the entire American Army?" Whack! "What kind of fool do you take us for?" Whack! "Calling these poor victims 'looters' for taking jewelry when you know damn well that they've lost everything?" Whack! Whack! Reporter (dazed): "Um, please, let's just talk about your upcoming record now..."
by FigurinOutLife October 19, 2005
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