Once you meet her you won't be able to not be friends with her... She is a amazing,funny, pretty, artistic, gorgeous, caring, loving... etc

She always says whats on her mind... When you need someone to talk to she is always their for you.
She will brighten up your day when your down
They are always there for you and has your back

You never will have a boring moment with them they always make you laugh

She is such a beautiful girl...

You have your awkward moments with them but everyone


Once you become good friends you never want to loss her and make the mistake you did

But she forgives you for your mistakes

You dont want to get in fights with them because it can become pretty bad

but you seem to forgive each other if you are like me and her because we can't stand fighting with each other and i love being with her she is amazing so if you get a Rachel like mine.... don't hurt her you will regret it.

Best Friends Forever

Blondie <3
Rachel: Get a picture of the mittens on the tree

Friend: Why

Rachel: My mittens are cool just do it

Friend: Yeah i am jealous of them

good times

Friend: We just spent 30$ worth of candy
We gonna get high off this

Rachel: We don't have weed

Friend: I said off the candy blondie

Rahcel: ohhhh
by ur amazing best friend who<3'u November 28, 2011
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a female with a bangin' bod and a love for hot boys. may appear to be a slut at a first glace, but she is actually a loving, smart, and sexy girl. loves attention, but isn't annoying about it. always up for a good time.
"Damn that girl is fucking sexy... she must be a rachel."
by thesexmachineee March 28, 2010
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They are usually super skinny even though they eat a lot. They are so pretty and are great at art ,but usually wont admit it. Most are volleyball players because their super tall and sporty. They are extremly athletic with great legs and eyes (green or blue). You have to love them, they make friends easily and willl be your best friend once you get to know them. All guys love Rachel's because of their nice personality and they love to make people smile. If you know a Rachel, be their friend. They are the best!!!
Guy 1: Did you see Rachel?

Guy 2: Umm..ya she's awesome!
by olympicGOLD April 22, 2011
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A particularly driven individual who will not settle for anything less than perfect. Her expertise on good times along with an active sense for adventure make it very easy to spend time with her. Although loquatious, she is a careful listener and will make one feel good about whatever he/she has to say. A well rounded personality indeed.

All this wrapped up in a sexy package.

Consider yourself screwed if you find out how to get on her bad side. A combination of her wit, stength, and loyal friends will surely cut you down
In first place we have...Rachel!

Dude, if that chick were a little faster, smarter, hotter, funner, and friendlier she could be a Rachel.
by 330M54 January 20, 2013
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What Harvey Dent screams throughout the entirety of "The Dark Knight"
Harvey Dent- "Rachel!"
by ac42 March 07, 2009
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A Rachel is usually an amazingly wonderful person! She is sweet, cute, kind hearted, and an all around good person! She likes many different things and a certain person likes every one of her qualities and cant seem to find any flaws at all!...and she is more wonderful then a person named joe!
That girl is gorgeous she must be that girl Rachel we heard about!
by love_hate_fate April 10, 2011
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The most beautiful girl man has ever seen. A girl with the personality of a godess. She is the perfect girlfriend, and goes out of her way to please her man. She is so unbelievable funny and unique, any man would be so proud to be with her. She is perfect in every way, and is an example for all other girls in the world to follow.
Friend 1: "Dude, Rachel is pretty special. You're lucky!"
Friend 2: "I know, I think I love her"
by YoTrinidaddy January 21, 2013
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