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the most powerful entity. is a huge nemesis to the human kind and has defeated many gods among those stands the almighty boot man who was the so called undefeatable. the raccoon boi can never be defeated by anything, not even the almighty broom who many gods have used in the past.
boot man: you can not defeat me raccoon boi
raccoon boi: *threatening squeal*
boot man: *attacks with broom and does 60 hp*
raccoon boi: *heals behind wall then charges and jumps at boot man*
boot man: *tries to swing but raccoon boi breaks broom with mindy powers*
raccoon boi: *bites boot man and the back of the neck causing inside to implode then become a black hole and evaporate his body*
boot man: *boot man.exe has crashed*
by blackterrer May 13, 2018
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