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Energetic, intense, and highly animated sex. Similar to 'rabid badger sex.' Often results in at least trashed bedding; elevates quickly to ruined furniture, if not outright destruction. Smashed coffe tables, broken chairs, towel racks ripped from tile, etc. Seldom planned, instantaneously spontaneous, always vigorously athletic. Would be damned impressive if you could manage a video, but you'd probably smash the camera to hell trying. Can lead to extensive chiropractic care and physical rehab. Also see 'grin from hell.'
That 2AM return from the perfect night out from the most excellent concert ever with the best of friends, and maybe just a little too much rum. Waking up in a tangled heap sweaty arms, legs, throw rugs and sofa pillows at 7. "Now -that- was some rabid weasel sex!"
by runnamukk June 27, 2011
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