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Sound or exclamation of confusion, originating from the French word meaning what.
-I saw Bert yesterday mowing his lawn...
- Quoi? What was he doing mowing his lawn in winter?
by Kaitland December 11, 2005
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Came from the styles of the rap band, quoi
(noun)Means to be a pimp, like all four members of the group.
(adjective) to mimic a pimp or don juan
(noun) Did you really give three girls a dirty sanchez in one night, you Quoi.

(verb) I'm getting crunked up and rocking the party quoi style.
by Jim January 04, 2005
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An amazing new upcoming rap group from Phoenix, Arizona. Made up of four krazy krackers with smooth rhymes.
Did you hear that new song Latino Luv by Quoi off their new album The Tribe
by crunked up January 04, 2005
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Quois is an amazing person. He has a big heart and loves a lot of people. I'm sure a lot of people love him too. He has lots of love to give. He is cute, shy, and acts awkward around people he hasn't met but once you get to know him you won't ever want to leave him. He gives everyone a big smile, even if he doesn't mean to.
I met Quois today at the fruit store. He was very polite. Hopefully I meet him again.
by Deflex August 24, 2018
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