what 90% of gamers mistake for "queue"
Jimmy123: hey lets que

Chicken32: its "queue"

Jimmy123: oh haha mb
by kyro1 February 01, 2017
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"Woah dude, how much weed did you buy?"
"Chill out dude, it's only a que."
by Bongrippper May 26, 2013
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Que is a boy that is very cute and smart but makes a lot of mastakes also he if faithful and nice but don’t like fake people…fake is not in his vocabulary
Girl is that que he so fine
by Quinterrius December 02, 2018
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Contrary to popular belief, "que" does not mean "what" in Spanish. It actually means "that". The word for "what" is actually qué (with a forward-accented e).
1. Que es yo - that is me
2. ¿Que és? - What is it?
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Means young.

Antique is really old so que must be really young.
your shits anti-que, my shits straight que son.
by zzzaaa January 02, 2010
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The bad-ass way to to agree with someone, acknowledge they are correct, or answer positively.
Xavier- Do you have homework?
Nora- Ques, ques I do

Alex- Nora, could you stay a little longer?
Nora- Oh, ques. Of course I will
by Norass October 23, 2013
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to lose your mind while completely oblivious to the fact that you have lost your mind. named after Que from Day 26
person 1: man he really tripped out on us

person 2: yeah i know he really pulled a que.
by etru April 21, 2009
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