Can be used in place of "hell" "heck" or "fuck".
*Huge noise*

Jerry- "What the quan was that?!@$"
by Bob Vince December 01, 2008
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A savage, extroverted individual who displays themselves outstandingly. They usually adore themselves and so do others too. Sometimes they can be a little aggressive, however, its nothing compared to their charisma and joy. They have the most wonderful smile.
Wow! Look at Quan!
Quan is awsome!
by Ihatekpop June 12, 2018
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1. Meaning any woman over about 30 years old

2. Meaning someone’s mum
1. That quan is such a hoe

2. My quan told me to not go out tonight
by BigMeatyMan November 17, 2019
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Quan is usually a super secret code word for meth or meth use devices. But Quan can be used to describe anything that is around you if your talking to your bff. Generally, after people start calling meth Quan they never call it anything else. Also, if hit the Quan comes on the radio most people hit their Quan's.
Hey josh, can I hit the Quan? Hey, josh didn't I just pack the Quan? Hey josh! Stop stealing my Quan and get a job. Bff ex. Look at that crazy Quan over there picking crumbs out of the rug and trying to smoke it in his Quan.
by QuanReliefFund November 26, 2015
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Alternative term for body powder such as Goldbond. Tradinally applied to the sweaty dark areas of ones body, otherwise know as the “Quan
Hey bro, have you dusted your quan yet today? Naw bro, good lookin out. Pass me that quan dust.
by Trogdor July 31, 2018
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A dance consisting of a series of actions mimicking the rappers's words and sounds. The dance can be interpreted multiple ways and you can make your own moves, but it should include some form of stepping, squatting and arm movement. This dance has recovered us from the endless 'watch me whip'.
Tony was really feeling the beat, so he dropped it low and hit the quan.
by Ambxo August 07, 2015
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a clueless clown-like bastard chronically a straight mess, usually drunk and/or does not give a fuck, always down to chill, and possessing a silly charisma
Damn it Jorge ur a mess, you smacked that bitch, felt her tits and pissed ur pants ur are a silly quan and your still drinkin.
by Ben & Skip February 25, 2007
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