To be chilled, laid back, or even hyper. To be in a good mood.
A: Why is Kyle so happy?
B: He's Quaning Fool!
by DERKBIZE June 15, 2009
(Noun) An object that requires packing before one can smoke flower. Specifically, a noun used in place of saying VaporGenie, pipe, or bong.
by Overlymoist May 4, 2021
In the Southern part of Africa "quan" is used in place of the word "mom".
I asked my Quan to go to the movies
by Zim slang January 5, 2018
to quane: to act in a lazy manner unremorsefully; to expend no energy; to have no ambition for a given period; to intend to do nothing for the day except sit and slouch; to act in a manner unbecoming to a normal human
what are you doing today?
nothing really, think ill just quane it on the sofa

where is mark?
He is at home quaneing it

I was so tired I just quaned it for the day
by theshelb March 10, 2010
A truly powerful being, known for his bean shaped powers and large following.
Praise the Quan.
Quan heretic burn them.
by Quaint Quanee November 5, 2018