Yong Quan is someone with a huge horse cock and have a pretty face. Every guy wants to be like him but just no where near. Every girl wants to be with him. He is filled with compassion and love, overall an awesome guy.
Oh wow?! Your name is Yong Quan?! I can’t believe it you are Yong Quan?!
by Profacts December 22, 2021
A mid to late life aged mexican american horse with lots of time. It can also be a fourth year old uncle who is DEFINITELY NOT a drug dealer.
"Hey, thats my boi! Quan Seal!"
by EmElleYT June 13, 2018
Small penis individual that has disabilities such as being unable to dunk.
Damn bro, you suck, but at least you are not Zuo Quan
by NiggerGid January 13, 2019
To be caught doing an illegal activity.
"Dat nigga Larubius got quanned by gang task with a 10 pints of actavis and a draco."
by Trippy_tripper July 7, 2017
Leia when Vader blew up her planet cuz he was being a total d-bag and trying to rape her with his softball trophies. It sucks dude cuz her fake parents were on that planet and Jack Black needs to be better than that
by Ouagadougou May 8, 2019