Band Ninety One. Music genre name from Kazakhstan. Originated in 2014 according to myriad of crossover K-Pop fans, Facebook posts, and Google entries. Really, look it up! I thought you guys would have heard the buzz by now and would have been defining it for "people just like me."
Q Pop doesn't mean Queer Pop. It's an alliteration (or something) for the "k" sound in Kazakhstan, the home of all those related reaction videos on the subject on YouTube. Q as in Kazakhstan; makes sense to me.
by Mistah Cuba August 21, 2019
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It’s a word or response by text message meant to confuse or throw off the reader! Much like K Pop but not referring to music.

Q pop is also the iPhone dictionary’s autocorrect for LMAO! Will definitely confuse the reader! Traditionally happens when you don’t lock your screen and are walking the dog and your phone is texting in your pocket!
Sandy - Can’t wait to hear your story! -

Raffy - it’s a long story better to tell it in person Q pop
Sandy - What does Q pop mean, you mean K Pop like Korean Pop music?
Raffy - No I pocket texted while walking the dog?
by That Raffy Taffy August 4, 2022
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