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On a scale of one to ten, with 1 being “skid mark” and 10 being “I shit my pants”, the Pyjammi Tsunami is considered a 99.

The most powerful natural disaster known to humans, this catastrophe is very wet and extremely sudden. Nothing can stop the tsunami. The only thing that can slow it down is a decent pair of pyjamas...but not even the best quality PJ’s can survive this event.

Nurses are particularly adept at dealing with the aftermath of pyjammi tsunamis. Sadly, PTSD (Pyjammi-Tsunami-Stress-Disorder) runs rampant among nurses and other health care workers.
Omg I woke up to a pyjammi tsunami. Hoping a bonfire will take care of all the laundry!

Noticed a man at the hotel restaurant who came down in his slippers for the free breakfast...obviously after a long night of partying. Yikes - after his third cup of coffee the place had to be evacuated. We were at ground zero of an impressive pyjammi-tsunami!
by Mandi Harmony July 20, 2018
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