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PYPU or Put your pussy up. This phrase is used to tell a girl, who is throwing herself and pussy onto a dude in a desperate or slutty way in order to get laid. This phrase can also be used in order for one girl to tell another that she is acting like a slut. Can also be used in a manner of telling a girl to use flirtation and sex to get what she wants, like putting it up for sale or auction.
"Hey slut...put your pussy up!"
"Hey, are being way too easy...put your pussy up!"
"Damn this girl is all over my nuts...she needs to put her pussy up."
"Jesus Amy, if you want that guy to buy you a drink you gotta put your pussy up..."

Girl A: "Yeah, I really wish that Brian would would pay more attention to me...I want to be with him so bad..."
Girl B: "Well if you want to grab his attention, you need to wear something sexy or you can try something a little more risky..."
Girl A: "A little more risky? Like what? What do you mean?"
Girl B: "Girl you need to PYPU..."
Girl A: "What in the hell is PYPU?"
Girl B: "PUT YO' PUSSY UP!!!"
by I AM THE JESUS July 30, 2011
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