The large vacouous gulf found in a girl's knickers that men are forever attempting to enter.
That biatch had the tightest pussy hole I ever saw! Man I nearly broke her in half!
by Ed Simmons May 25, 2006
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The hole that all the thots have penetrated by other male homosapians in large quantities.
Three guys penetrated Karlies pussyhole all at the same time!
by Rastus Tibudo April 16, 2019
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the pinkeye, the inner hole of the pussy, the doorway of exctasy, the creampie container, the begining of the end.
I unloaded in her pussyhole...then she sucked my dick.
by Bruzhillious July 30, 2005
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A definition that Jack Jones uses to annoy a 60 year old man from the local pub.
‘I’ll open you up like a tin of beans’ pussyhole.
by Chlamydia November 15, 2018
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