While recieving anal sex you squeeze your anus causing your partners penis to become the shade of purple.
Wow! Sally nearly made my dick fall off with that purple cow she threw me.
by purplechokehold December 21, 2009
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the best most cool thing in the world. It's a cow and it's purple and it totally rocks my socks to the end of the earth. They eat green grass. They are mad hot.
LOOK A PURPLE COW is falling from the big orange sky! Look at the color contrast between the purple cow and the sky!
by purple cow lover November 14, 2004
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an amazing person that is a self-proclaimed "purple cow" they must go meow!
Charlotte is a purple cow!
by charcoal black March 19, 2009
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An old woman's pussy. It's purple and as big as a cow's pussy. A Purple Cow looks disgusting.
Kitty's Purple Cow looksdisgusting.
by Bodhi Zapha August 27, 2012
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A variant of the "blue waffle" STD. Looks like a purple cow's nose. Smells horrific.
Dude, my girlfriend just told me she has a nasty case of purplecow. What should I do?
by Twiggah July 22, 2011
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