Freeky Zeeky:aye yo aye yo i got da 2 for 5 purple tops 2 for 5 purple tops...watchu need i got da purple tops!
Police:hey freeky zeeky!
Freeky Zeeky:oh shit i gotta run!
Police:why do we allways catch you in the same spot right here?
Freeky Zeeky:aye man i am mentaly retarded...why tha fuck yall fuck wit me?
Plice:Guess what?
Freeky Zeeky:What?
Police:your going back to jail!
by Steven C. November 14, 2006
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A word robbie uses to get pigmys off his top hat. He runs wild in africa.
"Get those pigmys of my tophat"
by William March 31, 2004
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