derived from the simpsons, a term that should now be applied to the end of every game of chinese whispers - broken telephone.
Person 1: "The Sky is blue"

Person 17: "The man eats poo, purple monkey dishwasher"
by Duke Alec October 25, 2004
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Tha little, tiny, microscopic purple monkeys who clean the dishes in your dishwasher. They often have wars with "the yellow fox microwaves" when they interact
by Rockers will win!!! June 21, 2006
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1. A mutant of gentic science, it is a purple-tinted monkey with the body of a dishwasher. Often shouted out in long bouts of silence.
by Joods April 17, 2003
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When somebody reaches down their pants, rubs their hand around on their privates and brings it back up to their nose for a sniff. Usually checking to see if their balls need a cleaning before going out for the night
"Bro, did you just see that?"
"Yeah man he just purple monkey dishwashered himself, that kid is gross"
by Chuckster2020 February 04, 2010
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A word that makes you stupid for looking up and completely does not have any purpose what so ever.
DREW: I am so bored
by Jay August 21, 2004
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A quick inconspicuous phrase to alert your friends of the pressence of a suspicious looking/acting character.
in other words - 'lets get out of here'
Out shopping with friends you notice a stranger eyeing off your handbags but your friends are too distracted to notice....
friend - "do you think this dress will look good with my red heels?"
you - "purple monkey dishwasher!!!!"
by R'ee July 22, 2006
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