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1.) slang term for a very large draw on a marijuana bowl packed huge with some fat buds. Usually associated with the action of 'swimming'.

2.) an animal in the amphibius species of the Hippopotamus genus. Resides typically in warm, tropical climate. The terms originate in the Greek words for "river" and "horses".
1.) God: "Hey man...let's go swimmin' with those purple hippos."
You: "Amen, brotha."

2.) Little Susie: "Gee mommy! I'd sure love to go swimming with the purple hippos when I grow up and am a big girl!"

Mommy: "Oh hunny you'll be able to swim with the hippos when you turn 6 next week! Mommy and Daddy will show you how with the whole family!"
by Ryan Ro-Ads August 11, 2006
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