(Verb) To embarrass, humiliate, or assault another man, verbally or physically, usually in front of others. A variation on butt-fucking a lesser, weaker person in prison.
I'm going to punk Chris in front of all these people if he doesn't shut his mouth.
by BrianJo. June 01, 2018
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The first recorded use of the term (unknown origin) occurred in the early 1590s, with reference to a “prostitute, harlot.” The term “taffety punk,” a reference to “a well dressed whore,” appears in William Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well, penned between 1604 and 1605.
Hast thou made sureth to pay ye old punk?
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by WimpyGamer April 24, 2017
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A person who listens to punk music and generally dresses to fit the style. They don't give a fuck about anyone else's criticism because haters don't matter.
Friend: Why is your hair spiky and blue?
Me: Because I'm a punk
Friend: It looks really weird
Me: And I care why?
by CaptainRaven May 28, 2018
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Punk is an adjective and just in some rare cases a noun.

Being Punk means to do things the way you want the way you see fit however and whatever to make yourself happy. Because you don't have to answer to anyone or anybody.
He really doesn't give a shit about what people think about his life style. That's pretty punk.
by NofriendNOVEMBER December 02, 2014
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Someone that needs someone to constantly stick up for them.
Man don't bring him along he is a punk if he drinks then you know you have stick up for him so someone does not hurt him.
by FM Punk October 17, 2018
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confused because he is spiritually wise beyond the physical body he inhabits at this stage of maturity
punk steam kid kid ram child
by karizmayogi December 11, 2013
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