Term used by higher class citizens to describe lower class citizens living in urban areas who often run into trouble with law enforcement.
Albert: Look at those riots in Baltimore, Maxwell!
Maxwell: Oh those Urban Punks, back at it again.
by Urbanpunk March 2, 2016
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A DUDE THAT Is a reject and dosent give a damn about
it he dosent put up with false friends and if u mess

hell kick ur scrawny ass
examle chris coleman is an "UNDERBREATH PUNK"
by slitskater November 17, 2009
child rearing ! , parenthood

EASY to "pop shot" and churn out BODIES! , BODIES! , BODIES! , BUT a VERY valid question remains !
WHO is gong to shepherd the punk ??
steve works 12 hours a day and laura is ETERNALLY at "the office"...(response:) who's going to shepherd the punk ??

when you are hustling for all that money, who's going to shepherd the punk !

go ahead ! , get "preggers" !! , the "cat lick" church will shepherd the punk !!
by michael foolsley November 25, 2021
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A genre originated in Hertfordshire by young punk bands. Consisting of a pinch of fuzz and a sprinkle of grotty British screaming
That’s youth punk, I’m happy as Larry!
by HappyAsLarry.com April 23, 2020
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