A state in India with the highest number of female foeticides.

A backward state where education is not valued and women are expected/ forced to get married young and reproduce.

Women are still second class citizens here as men have the final say in all decisions.

Dowry is highly prevalent. Arranged marriages are forced on young girls.

Unrealistic amounts of money is spent on wedding celebrations as its a measure of status and wealth. The marriage ceremony is under appreciated as all the focus is on showing off.

Many males of Punjab who are residents in foreign countries commit fraud- they get married to an innocent girl in Punjab, take the dowry, spend a few months with them and then leave their 'wives'. These men then return to the foreign country where they reside and lead carefree lives of a bachelor with no intention of going back.

The women are helpless, some of them have kids and the in-laws take them away. As these women are uneducated they can't do much to help themselves. Some of them are forced by society to live with the in-laws and take care of them. Others are like refugees in their own homes.

The state of Punjab has good people too but this is also a cruel reality of this place.
A- "I'm looking for a eligible bachelor for my daughter".

B- " I know a good family in punjab."
A-" Ok, but if he's a non resident of India, then forget it, he's probably a fraud ! "
by Thecruelreality August 30, 2013
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A word to describe the vagina on a woman. Often confused with an indian religion named after it for some silly reason
that man over there proper disrespected my punjab and I don't mean the religion!
by rusty182 May 01, 2009
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A proper noun that deceptively masks the words "poon job" so as to avoid using more colorful language in the workplace or in formal events about getting some pussy.
Jay: Yo, I was deep within Punjab.
Mike: No way.
Jay: Ya way; it was rad.
by BrownCobraCommander October 27, 2008
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Intimately having intercourse and combo punching the vagina after climax.
I came and then hit her with the one-two punjab.
by Xxfoofoobunny May 25, 2017
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