a man who performs oral sex on a girl and likes it.
you is ah nasty pum pum claffy
by island boi January 12, 2006
When a vagina is swollen and full of cum to the point that it looks like it could be milked.
"That Rosy girl has the biggest MPP I've seen"
"A what?"
"Milky Pum-Pum"
by lolgang133 August 6, 2018
Cheese made from vaginal discharge. smegma specifically from a girl.
I think I'm going move her panties to the side and taste her pum pum cheese right from the source.
by The-Original-Cmo January 12, 2011
A pum pum slammer is a male that bangs women's pums so hard they squirt
Sam is definitely a pum pum slammer
I know I bet he's slammed many girls pums
by Mysteryman786 January 25, 2014
A slang term to describe the resulting outcome of vaginal discharge, or, well....you see, when a mommy loves a daddy...
Dude, you just got your pum pum juice all over my new shirt!

Hey mom! Can i have another glass of pum pum juice?

The whole city is going to flood if we don't find the source of all this pum pum juice in the next 30 minutes!
by Nuclear Xmas July 7, 2010