a cute name for grandpa, as spoken by a young child. really. it sounds cute when a little kid says it. may be derived not just from the inability to clearly pronounce the word 'grandpa' but also due to some cosmic consciousness reference to drums (pa rump a pum pum) which relates the coolness of grandpas to drumming.
"Hey Pum Pum! Help me get my toys!"
by RickyDeePA April 3, 2021
A night club or venue where girls act in a generally slutty demeanour, meaning the pum's always ready for the taking... Pum pum pantry
Man1: Where shall we go tonight?
Man2: I fancy gettin me some pum
Man1: How about the Pum Pum Pantry?
Man2: Good idea, I know it's there for the taking in there.
by Squapstars October 16, 2011
A Jamaican term meaning a cloth used as a sanitary towel. Also as an expletive used in anger or surprise. See pussy claat too.
I wha' di pum pum claat a gwaan?
by FrigginLimey December 6, 2013
pum pum shorts are extremely short shorts. short enough to be panties. they only cover half your ass and most of your pum pum
OMG! look at that girl whering those hott pum pum shorts! damnn they look good!
by Kerry K July 7, 2006
Shorts that are so tight and short you can see the vagina outline being printed through the shorts, in the form of a camel-toe.

Marcus: Yo, take a look at that gyal's shorts. You can almost see her ass cheeks hanging out, not to mention her front.

Erick: That is a serious pum-pum printer!
Big up!
by Redlox February 17, 2009
When your girl has a freakishly hairy vagina and it looks like a tree - the words pum pum coming from how you pummel it cause she your girl -often used in Birmingham as slang
Jim: yo my girls pum pum tree is peng
Mate: you should totally go to town on your pum pum ya know

Jim: maybe I will fam
by Jimthedestroyer123 May 22, 2018