An expression of discontent or displeasure
I'm feeling rather pum pum today

Guy 1:i've got a headache
Guy 2:pum pum to that, man
by Laura Warner September 20, 2007
Definition for pussy/vagina said by Jamaicans
" di gyal pum pum did tight"
by pumpumdestroyer February 17, 2017
A Jamaican or slang term for a female sex organ (vagina/pussy)
"Me a go jump on the pum pum"
by Royalmarie111 November 4, 2018
What the little drummer boy says after he got his rum pummed
"To be a with out a gift I rum pum pum pum! ", says the little drummer boy.
by fydf December 11, 2013
A cheerleader who can't say "pom pom"

A puzzay
Guy 1: Yooo she wearin dem leggins so tight, I can see her pum pum G!
Guy 2: That's as far as you'll get to pum pum unless you're a dyslexic cheerleader.
by Chaflip August 27, 2011