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When a person, male or female, intends to come an event, and in doing so builds the anticipation of the other people attending the event (i.e. a date or dinner with certain suave people), only to crush everyone’s spirits and withdraw their attendance based on a very poor, unimaginative excuse. See also the pineapple pull out.
Thomas was going to go on a date with Lucy. He was very excited as this was to be the night of all nights, and he had romantically prepared the venue with rose petals and some expensive Moet, along with the smooth tones of a young Barry White in order to set the mood. All of a sudden Thomas received a 'Coward's Telegraph' SMS and to his utter disappointment he was heartbroken to realise that Lucy would be 'pulling a drysdale' and had forgotten that she was sick and couldn't make it..... For the 2nd or 3rd week in a row! Thomas was heartbroken and is still searching for his Lucy...pineapple pullout
by fridge June 25, 2012
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