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when a person is not wearing a shirt, especially during colder seasons (not at the pool or the beach in the summer). An extreme "pulling a cassie" is to wear a zipped-up jacket, but a hoodie will work too, or not.
Hey, is he wearing a shirt?
Oh, dude! He's pulling a Cassie! Awesome! He's so cool!
by Cassie ;) November 09, 2010
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When you spill hot water on yourself and it burns like hell.

(From the movie Let's be Cops)
Jake: Holy shit man, I just pulled a Cassie when taking out my noodles!

Chang: Woah, are your hands ok?

Jake: No I spill hot water on it retard! I just love pulling a Cassie.
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by Xxpussydestroyer6969xX July 03, 2018
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To spend an insane amount of money on something you don't need
You: Did you hear that Mary spent $3000 on portraits of herself?
Friend: Wow that's crazy! She is totally pulling a cassie!
by lightlyroasted November 22, 2018
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